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Is the booth attendant included in the price and for how long?

A fully trained booth attendant is included in the rental price and is there from set-up to breakdown. The attendant is there to oversee the running of the booth for the duration of the event and can fix any problems should they arise. 


My party is on the second floor of a building will you be able to get it in place?

Our booths have been designed for this very reason, the entire booth folds down for ease of transporting and getting into venues that are either up a flight of stairs or have narrow doorways. So unlike more traditional booths, this is not a problem for us.


How long does it take to set up the booth?

We normally allow at least an hour before the agreed starting time to set up the booth and ensure everything is ready for your guests. Please make sure the venue knows that we are attending and has made provisions for us to unload and set-up at this time.


What else do you need from the venue?

The main thing we require from the venue is an allocated space for the booth. The booth takes up 8ft x 5ft of floor space but we need more room than this to set it up and to allow for your guests to be able to access it. Also if you are having the album option we will need a small table and space again for this. The space for the booth needs to be within access of mains power so that we can power the booth up. 


How many people can fit into the booth?

Our booth design allows an average of 4-5 people to fit in but if you want more, you might want to consider an open booth whereby we set up the photobooth without the frame.


Can small children use the booth?

Of course. Children love the photobooths. We don't like to exclude anyone from our booths. However, although children can use the booth on their own we may ask that they are accompanied or under parental supervision while they use the booth. 


How many prints are included in the price?

This depends on your guests and their use. When you rent from us you get unlimited sessions for the duration of the rental (approx 40-60 sessions per hour depending on guests speed etc) with either one or two prints per session depending on your package. Its one reason we include a technician so if the paper runs out more can be loaded.


Are the prints colour or black & white?

That's entirely up to the guests to choose. Our photo booths are capable of producing either colour or black & white prints on demand so we don't need to set the booth up for one or the other in advance. All the guests have to do is press the button of their choice and the photo booth session will start and the print will be the one selected. 


What type of printer do you use, is it an inkjet?

We never use inkjet printers in our booths. We only use professional dye-sub printers as they are far superior for this type of printing. These are the same type of printers that can be found in many high-street labs and in-store photo kiosks, and they produce extremely high quality instant dry prints. Dye-sub prints, unlike traditional prints, also have the advantage of being water resistant and finger-print proof.


Can I get digital copies of all the images?

Included in the package is a USB of all the individual images from the party.


There will be guests at my party who are in wheelchairs. Will they be able use the booth?

Our photo booth designs have been designed with this in mind. Please contact us to double check that the booth you choose is wheelchair friendly. 


What areas do you cover?

We're based in Woodbridge, Suffolk and also have an office in Watford, Hertfordshire, so are ideally located to serve London and the home counties. But  just lets us know where the parties at and we'll see if we can help.


I want to book you for my event, do I have to pay a deposit?

We ask for a deposit of £100 to secure your date.  This can be paid by either bank transfer or cheque.  The remainder balance is due 30 days before the event.

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